B&L Jewelry Studio Inc. (B&L USA) designs and manufactures jewelry and women's accessories, using semiprecious stones and metals. B&L was established in Japan in 2003 under the name B&L Bead Company. Following its successful first two years, B&L was incorporated as Yugen Kaisha B&L in 2005 in Japan. B&L USA was incorporated soon thereafter, in the US in December 2005.

B&L brings together the versatility of the myriad gemstones with charming new designs, offering women original creations to accent any occasion. Silver and other semi-precious metals are married to the rainbow of colors offered by gemstones to create pieces of jewelry that are in perfect harmony with the seasons. These exceptional creations are crafted to add elegance to everyday wear and the classic evening dresses alike.

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B&L introduced its first line of costume jewelry - Beauty&Liberty in the spring of 2004.
B&L established an agreement with bise-bise - a leading womenユs accessory retailer in Japan to be its retail partner for the Beauty&Liberty line. bise-bise has outlets in such high profile locations, such as Tokyo Aoyama shopping district and Shinjuku. Our creations are prominently on display at these locations.

The Beauty&Liberty line has been featured in many publications, including:

* 25ans - June 2004 (Hachette Fujingaho Co. Ltd.)
* Oggi - May 2005(Shogakukan Inc.)
* MAQUIA - December (SHUEISHA Inc.)
* beadsfriend - vol.10 spring 2006 (boutique-sha Inc.)

In addition, B&L also offers lessons and workshop for hobbyists and jewelry artists both at B&L Beads Studio in USA and Tokyo, Japan.

B&L Beads Studio in session at...
* B&L Beads Studio atelier in San Jose, CA USA
* B&L Beads Studio atelier in Tokyo, Japan
* Academy Hills Artelligent School at Roppongi Hills. (Tokyo Japan)
* Silk flower designer Takako Ishiki nunono-hana salon (Tokyo Japan)

Yumi Takahashi

B&L Chief Designer YUMI THOMAS
Yumi was born in Tokyo, Japan. Yumi recognized her artistic talent very early on and was enamored by semi-precious stones during her years at the university. She was attracted to the variety of their color and aptness to the seasons. In 2003 she started up B&L at Tokyo, Japan to design and produce costume jewelry. Since then, she has been managing jewelry design and production and also lecturing at various jewelry design lessons and workshops. The continuing success of her creations is a testament to her talent and panache for perfection. Yumi has been offering workshops at its Santa Clara atelier since 2006. Yumi continues to work on designing and producing the costume jewelry brand Beauty&Liberty which was started on 2004.

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