Company Information

Company Name B&L Jewelry Studio Inc.
Office 4449 Lafayette Street, Santa Clara, CA 95054
Affiliated Company Yugen Kaisha B&L
4-35-15-504 Kamikitazawa Setagayaku Tokyo, Japan
Company Profile B&L Jewelry Studio Inc. (B&L USA) designs and manufactures jewelry and women's accessories, using semiprecious stones and metals. B&L USA was incorporated in the US in December 2005. However, the design legacy and business concepts that B&L USA possesses are not new and have been practiced by Yugen Kaisha B&L (B&L Japan) and before that by its predecessor, B&L Bead Company in Japan, since 2003.
B&L Bead was established by Ms. Takahashi in May 2003 in Japan. Yugen Kaisha B&L was incorporated in the Tokyo, Japan in January 2006.

B&L established an agreement with bise-bise - a leading women's accessory retailer in Japan in November 2004 to be its retail partner. bise-bise has outlets in such high profile locations, as Tokyo Aoyama shopping district and Shinjuku. Our creations are prominently on display at these locations.

Additionally, B&L has been offering jewelry design lessons and workshops to hobbyists in Japan and USA since the summer of 2003. In the recent past B&L was selected by Mori Building Co., Ltd. to conduct jewelry design workshops at the prestigious Academy Hills Artelligent School.

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